Meryl @ pixelmagic is…
owner of www.pixelmagic.co.za; designer, pixel alchemist, accidental event organiser and equine lover.
The opinions expressed here are mostly her own 😉

But Facebook’s just for kids!

Client: “Everyone knows that Facebook’s just for kids. Only teenagers use it to play those stupid farm games and change their relationship status every day and write silly comments on each others’ photos.  Oh, and it’s quite nice for me to send photos of...

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How not to run an email competition

Competitions are an awesome way to promote your brand, get people talking about your products or services and get them to do some marketing on your behalf. It’s viral marketing at its sweetest. I got an email today with a 1Mb Word attachment advertising...

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How to Write a Good Blog Post

I read lots of blogs.  I read my clients’ blogs; I read blogs about animal welfare (my pet charity). I read design blogs x lots (in a bid to keep at the forefront of my craft) and I read horse riding blogs (my hobby). ...

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