My Thrive Journey

I worked in the banking sector for more than 20 years, enjoying the complexity of bringing many parties together to structure a good deal. During the latter part of the 20 years my clients, colleagues and bosses started sharing their challenges, dreams and hopes with me. I started enjoying these conversations more than my deal-making.

That is when I had the insight that a new journey of Thrive was borne: I enjoyed working more with people than numbers. This was an insight that changed my life. It led to the farewell to Annelies, the investment banker in 2005 and Annelies the coach emerged.

I immediately started enrolling in internationally accredited coaching courses, a quest for knowledge which has continued ever since. The journey to becoming a coach was a multi-facetted Thrive process. I became more of myself and less of myself in a good way. I uncovered parts of myself that I had forgotten about and became so much more comfortable in my own skin.

The journey of supporting individuals, executives and teams to Thrive is my life’s vision. Therefore, twelve years later, I still choose people over numbers.